Kiki's {Kristy} Baby Shower!

We threw a shower for Kristy last night.  It was a surprise shower and she was totally surprised!  I thought for sure that her kids would spill the beans, but nobody did!  It was perfect.  {oh, and I chopped my hair off, I love it!}
Here's the fun invite I made for the event.  I think it turned out so cute.

Toms was loving being a part of all the action.  and there was a LOT of action!  We had so many people show up it was great!
she got LOTS and lots of loot!
So many cute things, thanks to everyone who came and brought all the fun stuff to help her get ready.  and especially thanks to my Mom for all that she did.  Love you mom!

                 .....................and now we need that baby to come!!!!!!!!!


Erika said...

I'm SOOOOO sad I missed it! We're still in Utah. Looks like lots of fun...but I wouldn't have expected anything else.

Ondria said...

Your hair looks cute! Bet it makes the heat easier to deal with too,huh?

Becky said...

Your hair looks very cute! And the invites were really beautiful. You are so talented!

Anonymous said...

I love your haircut!

DAN, LISSA, & CAM said...

Cami...I LOVE your haircut! I kept trying to see how you had your hair tied back because it was so cute.

I love it

Andrea said...

What a FAB surprise!!! Love your hair & those invites are cute!

YAY for lots of gifties!! :)