Gymboree Play & Music

So, have any of you heard of this?  It is such a great place!  I guess it's been around for like three years {at least the close location}, and I haven't even heard about it till now.  Crazy, where have I been?

You are able to go and take all sorts of different classes with your little ones {ages 0 months to 5 years old}.  They have fun Gymboree play time classes where you play with all sorts of different materials that help encourage growth in sight, sound, touch and feel.  There are tons of mat's out for the kids to play on with stairs to climb and slides to play on.  Balls to throw, hurdles to run and so much more.  I have the opportunity to go and try it out for a few classes to see what I think, and I can't wait to go back!  It's just such a great concept with awesome instructors and a wonderfully big and CLEAN facility to play in.

I'll have more pics and info later, but just wanted to give you all a little update as to where I've been for the past week.  Go HERE for more info on the "GYM" and it's so great because the first class is FREE!  You can't beat that!

Thanks Cicily for taking pics and comin' with us!

Also, this was my 300th post!!!  Wow, I love this blogging thing!  Maybe I'll host another giveaway soon to celebrate, check back later for some fun!

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Kristy said...

That picture of him coming out of the tunnel is so cute. I miss him, when are we going to see you???