Back to School

Back to School Shopping
Today my wonderful Mother treated all her Grandkids to a shopping spree at Target for some Back To School Supplies.  The kids had a great time picking out their new backpacks and notebooks.  It's crazy how much stuff these kids need just to go to school!  Anyway, Toms didn't need anything for school so instead we purchased {via mom's credit card} a little golf set for him.  He loves it and won't put it down.  I fear for my house with those clubs, but at least he's getting the concept of golfing.
Thanks Mom for all the fun goodies and for the fun afternoon at Target.  You are just so amazing with all the things you do for all of your kids.  Love you!!!


Brenda said...

That’s great..! I too shopped at Target for school supplies.

Anonymous said...

School supplies and Target...two of my FAVORITE things! It doesn't get any better than that!