Swimming Parties!

Last night we went over to Aunt Linda's house for a mini Father's Day celebration with all the fam.  It was lots of fun seeing everyone and taking a few minutes to catch up with all the goings on.  We had yummy sub sandwiches and lots of cool drinks!

Collin & Ashley made a yummy cake out of Cupcakes for Grandpa Tom.  What a clever idea!

There was a huge blowup slide that the kids had a blast riding down.  I love Tessa's face here.

This kid loves playing with all his cousins!  Here he is in then pool with Janie smiling as big as he possibly can.

He loves standing all wrapped up in his towel.

Party in the cuzi {Short for Jacuzzi}!  See THIS post for the video highlights from the party.

Then it was off to Party number 2 @ Carson Pool for Marlo & Jessy's going away bash.

Toms didn't eat a morsel of food all night but as soon as he saw the popsicles he couldn't resist.  This was number 2 already.

The DeCrow kids enjoying there cool treat.

Photo op with Hope.  See aren't you glad you came?

Another GREAT shot of J-Bird, YaYa and Sweet G!  How cute is this picture?

Number 3!  Pill!

A not so great pic of Marlo & I but oh well.
 I mean we were swimming all night, what do you expect?

& one last picture of some of the girls.  There's M-Lo, Nor, Big D & Gigantor, Hope, Sherrie, Me, Jill & Onehm.

Can I just take a moment to let everyone know how much I am going to miss Miss Marlo!!!  She has been such an amazing friend for the past like 5 years of my life and this next year just won't be the same without her.  I am so happy for her but I will SOOO miss her fun easy going attitude and the spunk she brings to all of our lives!  Marlo you rock and I wish you all the best in Hawaii.  No one deserves happiness more then you and I know this trip is going to help you find all the happiness you can handle {not that you're not happy, but you know what I mean!}.  Just make sure that in a year you come back!  Or you'll have a mutiny on your hands and the group will be coming there to drag you back here.  All for selfish reasons of course!  You know that after a year we don't care about your happiness all we care about is our happiness in you coming home.

Love ya babe!  Have a wonderful trip, and we'll see you in a few months!  Right girls?!?!  We MUST plan a girls trip to go visit.  We would all be crazy not to!!

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Can I take Marlo's place for Dinner Therapy?