A Puerto Penasco Weekend

Were here! We headed to Rocky Point for the weekend with some of Tyler's MBA Buddies. The Andrus's and The Porter's. Read along for all the fun details of the weekend!

Here we are waiting in the car while the boys went to check us all in. I let Toms out of his seat to stretch his legs a bit. He was lovin crawling around the car while we were waiting.

Well, it turned out that our rental wasn't ready for us to go into yet so we all decided we would take a walk down to the beach and put our feet in the water. Well that quickly turned into the little ones getting completely soaked. They were having so much fun we just let them play for a little bit, fully clothed and all!
What was going to be an hour or so until our room was ready turned into much longer so we ended up going to the restaurant that they have in the resort called "La Maria". It was way too fancy for what we were wearing as well as for having 5 kids along. But it was yummy and there was great service and beautiful presentation of the food. Sorry no picks. What was I thinking?

Finally after about 4 hours of waiting for our room to be finished we were able to check in to our place at Las Palomas! This is the living room,

With an open floor plan into the dining room and kitchen.

This is our incredible view from the balcony.

and this was our room. Kennedy was walking around with me to help model it all off.

Saturday morning we woke up and spent the entire day lounging around the water! Between the beach on the pools it was a great combination of sand and sun. Here are the guys trying on some sombrero's from one of the vendor's walking along the beach. Matt was the only one to purchase one one of them. Tyler was still bartering with the guy even during the picture.

Here is Tommy feeling right at home sitting in his favorite spot on the beach. Playing and throwing sand into the water.

He was getting so sandy, but loved it!

A cute pic of the little man!

Well, the one thing Tyler didn't want to happen was get the top of his feet burned. Oops! He was so mad at himself. Now he's going to be miserable all week. Poor thing. He though he got them covered good too. He'll be really careful next time NOT to let it happen again.

Later, during all the little ones naps, The guys went out to pick up some food from Luca's for dinner. They also picked up some yummy drinks for us to enjoy with the grub.
We made a few of the sides to make it a complete meal.
There is some yummy food to be had in this place called Rocky Point!

After dinner we cleaned up and headed on down for a little night swim.

A quick pic of us before our evening swim, out in front of the pools.
Here is a darling pic of Jennae and baby Savannah. She loved the water!

Great picture of Toms and Tyler when they first getting in the pool. I just love those boys!

Most of the gang playing in the pool. Sans me {Taking pic}, Miriam and Tex {sleeping upstairs}.

A quick photo op! Don't you just love the burn on Tyler!?

Toms was perfectly content just sitting and splashing on the steps.

Later Saturday evening, after the night swim, we came back and played LOTS of fun games on the balcony {See pic}. We also played the "Name Game" and "Buzz Words", which I had never played before but would highly recommend. Very fun! We were enjoying the cool breeze of the evening with sounds of people playing down in the pools when all of a sudden it sounded like a marching band was coming through the doors. There was a freaking band playing in the clubhouse and it was SOOOOO crazy loud! We couldn't believe how loud they were playing, and how late. It was like 10:45 when they started. Anyway, it was just another fun part that made our evening so enjoyable. We sat and got to know each other a little better and just laughed like crazy. I love nights like that. All the kiddos were sleeping and we were just having a great time enjoying one another's company. Those guys are really pretty funny when they all get together.

Sunday morning we woke up and attempted to take a group pic, but the lighting was all off. Darn! But here's the whole group together. At least we tried.

We then headed over to Rosy's for some yummy breakfast.
I had the hot cakes W/ Strawberries. After that we headed to the cardboard mall to do a little window shopping and see if there was anything we couldn't live without. The little ones got some mini guitars and for the most part the rest of us went home empty handed. I really don't need anymore junk in my house. You know the drill. Then we went back to the condo to change into our swim gear for one last dip in the pool. I opted to stay back and take a little snooze in the peace and quite. Then we all packed up and started the check out process. That took about an hour or so. The people at the front desk aren't the fastest one's around. But luckily the girls stayed in the rooms while the boys packed the cars and dealt with the check out stuff. We sat on the balcony and put most of the little ones down for naps. It was so nice and relaxing out on the balcony that none of us seemed to matter much that it was taking so long. During this time we were taking some last minute pics,

Here we were trying to get Kennedy to "not" smile by telling here "Don't smile". This was the cute face she made while trying not to smile.
Finally the guys made it back up to the room and we were able to start the trek home.

Toms was being such a ham on the ride home. Here are some fun pics of him. I think he knew we were close, so he was getting excited to be home finally.

Look at that kid, he is just too much!

Ahh! Home at last! What a great trip it was and we all had so much fun together. The three families traveled GREAT together and we have already made plans to do this again next year! Hopefully the rest of the gang will be able to join us next summer.

But it's great to be home now. I have tons to do this week before leaving again this next weekend for Cali. I still have lots of blogging to do from last week that hopefully I find a little time to get to tomorrow.
Until next time, have a great day!


lindsey said...

oh i love rocky point, we just went over memorial day. but we stay in a trailer..where is that resort it looks so nice? i love lucas too! it is not a trip to rocky if you don't go there. and manazita and squirt are a must have too. glad you had fun ;)

Kristy said...

Looks like so much fun! I am completely jealous!

Jen said...

Oh I am so jealous! It looks like so much fun!!! Glad you guys had a great trip....and have such fun pictures!!!

Matt and Jennae Porter said...

Ok you are a way better blogger than me. I'll just post a link to your blog so everyone who read's mine can see how great our trip was! You guys are such a cute and fun family. We definitely enjoyed spending time with you!

Lindsay Jones said...

Looks like your guys had a great time. Toms is soo cute, I love his dancing, he sure has some moves!

amy said...

What a fun trip. So glad Toms loves the beach because there's going to be plenty more where that came from! And you can ALWAYS count on dad and Tyler to burn their feet! Looking forward to Oceanside!

Rich and Miriam said...

I agree with Jennae...I will be posting a link to your sight!! :)

Thanks for such a fun weekend. My kids LOVED spending time with everyone and were very disappointed when we we all drove off in opposite directions. We are excited for our trip next year!

Misi said...

Cami, looks like you guys had a blast. Heaven is truly at the beach I believe. Cute pages, can't wait to see more.


Chloe said...

Loved the pics and toms is so cute!