One Year Old Chunk

Another one.  I'm on a roll!  Go HERE for credits.


lindsey said...

he is sooo cute. love the page

Rich and Miriam said...

SO cute! I have GOT to get going on my digital scrapbooking!

onehm said...

Adorable pages!
Loving this one especially!!!

Suzie Q. Scrapper said...

I have a chunka chunka one year old as well. He is 16 months and in 3t clothes!
hate to do this but you are tagged : /

Tiffany said...

Oh Cami, I LOVE Toms's pearl-snap shirt in this LO! Did you know that Samuel LIVED in pearl-snaps?! I didn't know they made them so small for little guys...how darling. :)

Misi said...

Such a cute page, and what a great day to be born. Thanks for having him on our anniversary, that was so sweet.