Bailey's Book

So I've made a few of these books and they are just so much fun!  This one is for my Visiting Teacher, Bailey.  I finished it last night {The wedding is today, nothing like waiting til the last minute!} and I loved the way it turned out.  Fun stuff!

Anyway, I am for hire if any one is interested in having one made, it makes for a great gift.  Just make sure the bride knows it's coming otherwise she may already have one.

The closer details of the cover.  Based on her color scheme.

Some of the inside pages.

What did you create today?


Rich and Miriam said...

You are so incredibly talented! We need to hang out more in hopes that some of it might rub off on me (and you are fun to hang out with!)

Ondria said...

I was thinking oh, she is so lucky to have you for a VT, then I thought, ha! so am I . . . okay one of those scatter brain moments. The book is so precious though. I bet she loved it!