Girls Night Out!

Well, tonight in honor of Mother's Day my Mom took my sister's and I out to Nordstrom for dinner and a bit of shopping.  These are my goodies!  I LOVE these shoes and had a wonderful evening hanging out with girls, talking about fun girly things and shopping of course!  We had a blast at the M.A.C counter {we usually do} and made the sales girls night when we checked out with all our goodies!  I got this, this, this,  this,  this and this!

Thanks Mom for inviting us out for such a fun evening together.  I love these nights when you get in the mood to spoil us!  I love you and want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day too!  Your gift will be coming later, closer to Mother's Day!  Love you!


Cicily said...

Will you talk to my mom about taking me out for a night like that? Those shoes are super cute!

onehm said...

That's so fun. What a great idea! Your mom spoils you girls rotten!!