Another first!

Well, Toms had his first Biting incident today.  It was on my arm.  Little stinker.  I always knew the day would come when he realized what he could do with his teeth, but hoped it would wait a little while longer.  Anyway, it wasn't hard enough to leave marks or anything but it still hurt.  We were walking down the aisle of the dollar store and I wouldn't let him continue to throw all of our items out of the cart.  So out of all the rage he could muster up from his little body he slammed his head down onto my forearm {The one blocking him, of course} and bit away.  

Anyway, I just thought that someday after bleeding from one of his bites that I would try and wonder where it all started.  So I thought I should write it down that today was it.  Let the good times roll!


Cicily said...


Jen said...

So sad! That means he isn't the sweet little baby anymore....it begins! But, there is TONS of fun stuff still coming...I really mean FUN (not bad) and you will love it all! He is so adorable, how could you possibly be too upset right? At least it was on YOUR arm and not the other kids....like Cam loved to do at that age!

molly said...

Oh bummer Cami, I know about biting well. At least it didn't pierce the skin :) Good thing he is so cute!