All Me!

This is a new LO for the contest at The Loft this week hosted by our very own Molly.  
If you can't read the type, here's what it says.  Go HERE for credits.

I will always use more conditioner then shampoo.
I will always like myself better with long hair.
I will always want to spend “ALL” the money in my pockets.
I will never be able to steal enough kisses from Tommy.
I will always try to sleep in and stay up late.
I will never enjoy cleaning my house.
I will always want things to be organized and in their proper places.
I will always want a gift on my birthday.
I will always enjoy going to the movies.
I can never have too much ice cream.
It will always be hard for me to make time for exercise.
I will always shop at Walmart instead of Target.
I will always say yes to more then I can handle.
There will never be enough time for Digi Scrapping.
I will always miss my father and wish he were still here.
I will always get pedicures!
I will always keep creativity in my life.
I will never loose my testimony.
I will always Love my husband for all he has done for our family.
I will always enjoy listening to Sarah McLachlan.


Jen said...

What a fun page!

SuperCoolMom said...

Oh my goodness! You could be my twin sister! I spend right to the last dime every time. Stay up late and love to sleep in. and ditto, ditto, ditto...to almost every one! heehee

I came over from Onehm's :) my public blog is hotmamashouse dot blogspot dot com - come meet me! (but the good stuff is on my private blog)

Crazymamaof6 said...

totally cute page! and I'm loving your get the message boards! FABULOUS!