Trina Beana

I just love this new kit by Tangie!  

I didn't write any words in this LO because I loved the symbolism I hid within it.  
Here are a few "HINTS" to figure them out.  
I want Katrina to know that she has the "KEY" to her every happiness, a "BLANK PAGE" to start fresh, with the "WINGS" she needs to get her there. She is a "PEARL" among pearls with the possibility to "GROW" beyond her imagination!  
I love you Trina Beana and hope you find everything you want in life, if not more!  
As Dad would say, Go get 'em! Love ya!
Go HERE for Credits!
{{Kristy, hope you're not too jealous, I love you too!}}
{{{& Johnny & Jimmy for that matter!}}}


Webb Family said...

I love all your great LO's! Beautiful girls!!! It was fun seeing you the other night.

Kristy said...

That is a great picture of you two! I love it!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

what a great page! love all the symbolism! what beautiful sisters!

Jami said...

I know that I never got back to you about those binky clips. I am so sorry, but now I am desprate! My girl has worn thur her clip. I was wondering if I could come by sometime today, or this next week to pick one up. Let me know.
my email is

Fowler Farm said...

These are all such beautiful scrapbook pages. Great job and beautiful pictures.

Becky said...

Your symbolism is really touching. What a beautiful layout! Great work (as usual) :-).

onehm said...

So very cute. You did a GREAT job.