Pardon The Overload!

Alright, I've had a moment tonight to, as I like to call it "Power Blog".  I've missed so much in the past week so I'm working on catching up.  So scroll down and enjoy the posts.  I'll try to keep on top of it now that things have settled down for me a bit.  Enjoy!


Lolly Jane said...

Ha! Feel like you've lost the past week of your life? Me too! I'm trying to catch up from the fling.... aaaah :)

Hope you can make it to my little boutique- we're having a sale on the remaining inventory but there will lots of other cute things there. Come and get some free food at least ;)

Thanks for being such a great neightbor on Saturday and can I just say how much I love my keychain. It rocks!

molly said...

So glad for all the updating!
Your table (and all the goods) looked beautiful.
We need to plan a fun night out and go to the splash pad... looked like fun!

onehm said...

LOVE the update! The DB table looks GREAT...YOU ROCK!!