CT Challenge on Friday!

Check out my Creative Team Challenge coming this Friday at The Loft.  I am hosting it, and there may be a freebie involved!
Go HERE for Credits.
This is the list incase you can't read it:
Jaime’s Binky Clips, e-mail her to let her know 
Boy Binky’s to domestic, they owe me for 11 clips 
BIO!! & class descrip’s, LO for example of digi class? 
Organize ribbons & studio? 
Finish CT Challenge LO & post. finish interview 
Message Board’s, buy more fabric & ribbon, 
call board guy. call lissa for his number. Candle’s? 
Nie Nie’s invit, {did e-mail work}? 
Surprise shower for jodi? kristy? 
invit’s 4 kizzy’s shower / it will be here/when? call cic 
send key chains out to sarbear & jenny 
fridge LO? 
pics to marianne/ sort and crop 
poker chips to jodi for magnets, buy adhesive! 
money from Kathy at church? e-mail her 
kits to wendi, becky & kathy/ does tiff want one? 
learn to sew! call molly 
business cards and signage, call molly! 
money to tyler 55.00, go to the bank 
pay dr’s bills, call dr.mike’s office 
returns to michaels and walmart 
print out room signs for primary/laminate 
pedi cards to wright house!!! tuesday cd coming? 
plan my bunko/invit’s/which day? 
ashley’s bunko here next week, CLEAN! 
write prittle prattle! by the 29th 
Tell Tyler I LOVE him! 
ribbons & lace! 2 yards of brown ribbon for hair clips 
buy ALL the clips i can 
make binky clips! 
12 more keychains at walmart & 69 key rings 
spray paint base of clips, buy more glass adhesive, 
e5000 adhesive, id badges?? get display stuff ready!!! 
make jewelry? for fling?


Ondria said...

And you have time to blog? ;)

Jen said...

Girl you are just so super busy! Good luck!:)