Vegas 2008

This was our fabulous room that we stayed in at the new Palazzo Hotel.  We had a view of the TI Hotel as well as Trump Towers.  We were located right next door from the Venitian.  The Palazzo is one of the Venitian's sister Hotels. 

The bathroom rocked with it's own T.V. of course.  There were two queen beds and a pull out.  Plenty of room to make us very comfy!  The first day we arrived was Sunday, Mom & I went to the one of the shows for a little while {Like 4 Hours!} then decided we needed to go back to the room to relax a bit.  As soon as we sat down to rest we decided we didn't want to get up and go out again.  We ended up renting "August Rush" & "Dan in Real Life" {Loved it!} and ordering room service.  We sat in front of the T.V. for like 7 hours that night.  It was great!  
The next morning Kristy came in and around 10:00, we met up with mom and headed over to the Mirage for the Jewelry  show.  There was so much to see, it was crazy!  Here's Mom taking a peak at some rings.  Most of it was nothing too special but we did find one vendor that had darling stuff!  They had the most original things there.  They were all soldered piece's that were sooo cute!  I took lots of pics of their stuff cause I am needing to try and make some of it.  Too Cute!  I bought a few little pendants to work off of.  
Here's Kris going through their darling booth.
A few of the piece's, just to give you an idea.
Then we had to stop for some ice cream, of course!  Here I am wearing a necklace that I bought at the show.  Sorry, you can't really tell what it is, but it's cute!
A photo op in front of a big sign that says Revolution.  It's the beatles show "Love"'s lounge.
Kristy's hair may look like it's on fire but rest assured it wasn't.  Just the cool effect the lighting had on it.
We then broke off for a little while so I could go up to Anthropologie, a must hit every time I'm in town.  I know, I know, we have one here but I love going to see what may be on sale at the different locations.  You never know what treasure's you may find.  Each store is a little different.  Plus, being on vacation allows me to buy things that I wouldn't normally purchase at home.  Hee, Hee.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to find anything this time.  
I kept walking around though and found this fun shop where I bought Babe a very nice tie.  I ended up buying him the big souvenir instead of me.  Lucky!
That evening we went to dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe.  It was very yummy with huge portions!  It is a sister company of Cheesecake Factory.  We just got one here locally too, go check it out sometime in Scottsdale Fashion Square.  After dinner we headed over to the Orleans Casino to see a movie.  "The Other Boleyn Girl" which was very interesting.  Good, but a crazy story.  On the cab ride home I realized how little I know about English history.  Kristy and Mom were trying to educate me but honestly, I don't much care.  They were a little shocked that I was so ignorant.  But what are you gonna do?  
This was the fountain in our hotel that was amazing.  It's a very classy hotel without a lot of the normal Vegas drama.  It smells great because it's new and all the floral arrangements were gorgeous!  A must visit next time you come to town!  
We headed back to the room and decided to rent another movie.  This time it was "27 Dresses", a Favorite!  Finally ending the evening and turning in around 1:20 a.m..
The next morning we woke up and had Breakfast at the Paris Buffet.  We then walked around the Miracle Mile Shops in the Planet Hollywood Casino located right next door to Paris.  We walked into Sephora and got lots of skin care goodies.  Kristy bought all make-up stuff and I bought all skincare stuff.  Mom bought a little of both.  We then wondered down on through the rest of the mall and stopped in Gap, H & M, Ben & Jerry's, Urban Outfitters, Aldo and so on.
This was one of hundreds of amazing chandeliers hanging by strings throughout the miracle mile shops.  I was in love with this idea!We stopped at Trader Vic's for some lunch.  
We decided on 4 different appetizers to share.  
Then, they had to take a small gambling break.  After all, we were in Vegas!
We started to walk back to Paris to buy one more souvenir for Kristy's girls.  
A fun photo op in front of the Bellagio
Picking out goodies in the Lenoitre Bakery, I got a napoleon. Yum!  We went back to the hotel room to rest our feet and eat our pastries.  We only had a few minutes to pack our bags and head out.
Here we are getting ready to board the plane back to Phx!  Home or Bust!

It was a wonderful couple of days away from the regular routine of life.  Thank you so much mom for inviting us to come and share some time with you in Vegas.  I had so much fun and love all my new goodies!  Trina you were missed but I was very proud of you to stay behind because you knew you needed to work.  There will be lots of other trips to Vegas in the future that we will look forward to having you along too.  Special thanks to Molly, Hope and Lenor for watching Toms for me!  What would I do without you girls?  You Rock!

Hope you enjoyed the show!


Anonymous said...

Where did you get the white top from?

Mimi said...

Forever 21 whoever you are.

Andrea said...

WOW! Fabulous pictures! Looks like you pretty gals had a GREAT time!! What a fun little getaway!

domesticbliss said...

Hey there! It is so fun in Vegas isn't it? I love going to shows there- looks like you had a blast- It is nice to get inspired... Now get to work... lets see what you can make you creative one you- just joking!-
Seriously do need to get with you on setting up some fun things in the workshop though- I am planning on May for sure...
Aren't you proud? I am finally getting this blogging thing down-

onehm said...

Looks like fun!!!
Glad that you and your mom and sis had such a great time.

Webb Family said...

I love girl trips! Looks like you girls have a blast!!

sarbear said...

oh, the sweet paris buffet. my mouth is salivating over the fresh crepes and strawberries now.

DAN, LISSA, & CAM said...

Wow, I am super jealous. Looks like you had tons o fun!

Niki (Crum) Worthen said...

what a blast!!! can i come next time???

Jen said...

Looks like tons of fun! glad you had a great time and as always....you are so stylin' and adorable! LOVE all your super cute clothes! :)

amy said...

Glad you were able to take a break for a few days. You have such a great mom & sisters. And thanks so much for coming over and helping me yesterday - don't worry one day it will be your turn and I will definitely repay the favor! Love you!

Becky said...

Aren't mom and sis trips (sans babies, even) so great! What fun! You'll be my travel agent info girl in the future, for sure. :)