Sunday Night Dinner

We were able to host Sunday Evening Dinner with the In-Laws last night because my Father In-Law had just got the irrigation in their back yard.  It was lots of fun with around 40 people in attendance, 18 of them kids, so you can imagine the chaos!  I didn't take very many pics of the whole evening but HAD to break out the camera for dessert time.  All the kids were feeding Toms their ice cream cones {of course it was chocolate!}.  He was loving it!
This picture is my fav of him.  Just look at that smile!  
He LOVES having all his cousins around to play with!
Mainly because they all totally dote on him and give him sooo much attention.  
What kid wouldn't love that?  The girly's love getting into my purses and playing house when they come to visit.  One time they even got into my shoes, oh what fun they had then!  Here is Emma with one of the purses.  They fill them will all sorts of Toms goodies and play in the Guest room like it was their home.  Some of the things they say as they are pretending seriously crack me up!  Gotta love little girls!
Toms was in hog heaven, literally!
Later we turned on the Apple TV to enjoy some lovely Sunday evening Hymns. {Yeah right, sorry!}  These kids were dancing like crazy, they love their Soldier Boy!
This was just a small glance into our Sunday evening. There were many others fun aspects of the evening like listening to Jeff's stories about the Dale's, Hil-A-Rious!  We were sad because Granny couldn't make it, she had come down with the flu or something earlier in the day.  I even heard one of the kids ask "where's Granny?" and when they heard she wasn't comiing they replied "Oh man, she's the funest one!" how sweet was that? The evening finally came to an end around 9:15 or so.  I was in the living room cleaning up while Tyler was walking everyone out. I came into Tommy's room where Tyler was after and asked "Where's Toms?" {Cause he didn't have him}. He gave me a look like I thought you had him, moment of panic. I went searching through the house for about 40 seconds until Tyler came clean and said that Jill had taken him with her. Tyler had planned to go over to their house to get a drink from their fridge so Jill took him with her for a few more minutes. What a punk Tyler is!!! You don't do that to Mother's!
Anyway, it was a great time and lots of cleaning now today, but thanks everyone for coming to our home, we love having you here! Now it's my family's turn to come and hang out.  If only they would drive out to our side of the hood every once and awhile!



onehm said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Lucky Tommy!!!

Ashley said...

He is one cute little Turkey!~

amy said...

Oh my gosh! We are out of control! Too bad Marcia is gone or I would have sent her over to clean your house. Thanks for a great time! Love you!

Valerie said...

It's a good thing that dessert was
OUTSIDE!WoW! How fun to have a big group of cousins for ur little guy.
You are brave to host, but it looks like
a lot of fun. ")

Andrea said...

Beautiful layout of your niece! She's a doll.

Love all the sweet chocolate smiles!!!

BTW - I'm having a contest on my blog. I'm picking 3 random winners on Friday. You can see it here: