A little cheering up!

I knew my sister hasn't been feeling very well lately so I made this for her to help cheer her up. I love you sis, and can't wait to "Drop It Like It's Hot!" in Vegas next week! Yeah, Baby!
Trina we will miss you! & Thanks you Mom for the free trip to Sin City!


Andrea said...

WOW! You are like the BEST sister EVER!! That's sooooo SWEET that you made that for her! She will LOVE it! And WOW it's just so GORGEOUS!! You just ooze creativity! I need to stand by you so maybe some of your talent will jump over to me thru osmosis. tee hee ;)

Jules said...

What a great idea and a lovely gift to give anyone. You did a beautiful job here. I bet she was ecstatic - not to mention cheered up- to get this. :)

Just Because

Becky said...

How beautiful! I love celebrating sisterhood :) Have fun in Vegas!

Kristy said...

Thanks so much sis. I loved it!