FHE with the Fam!

Paste Fericit!  Happy Easter in Romanian!

Here we have another FHE with the In-Laws.  This month was Hosted by Spence & Tiff.  We played a great game that Spencer learned on his mission in Romania.  You take 2 hard boiled eggs and crack them together using the bigger end of the egg like...

...This.  Only ONE of the eggs will crack {betcha didn't know that!}.  The one with the last egg standing wins.

Here was the line up!

I had to put this pic in for Amy.  She knows why {Wink, Wink}.

Love that I caught Janie & Cody with their eye's closed!

and the winner is... NATE!

Next it was time to decorate some cookies!

Look at these darling little girls!  Watch out boys!
{And yes, they were actually eating all of that stuff, gag!}

My cookie!

BIL Jeffery, quite the looker, don't ya think?

The Code Man, being silly.

Griff with Toms playing in Seth Man's room.

Seth pretending to shoot Tate.  I had such perfect timing with this "Shot" to be able to capture his facial expression.
Thank you Spence & Tiff for hosting yet another successful FHE.  What a wonderful evening it was to spend some time with everyone.  Nice & Cozy too!


Andrea said...

Ahh I LOVE fun FHE's!!! Good times!

Becky said...

Cool egg game! I think I will steal it for an FHE get together we have this upcoming week. Thanks for sharing!

domesticbliss said...

Great Idea! I love this egg cracking game- we will need to try it out!
Fun!- I need to get with you soon-