This post may be habit forming

So THIS post makes me want to do something similar.  Silly habits that I do over and over again, for reasons unbeknownst to me!  Here goes...

Taco Bell= Mexican Pizza with a Dr. Pepper
McDonalds= as of late, Mighty kids nugget meal with a Dr. Pepper
Baja Fresh= Veggie Burrito with a sprite
Jack in the Crack= Spicy Crispy Chicken sandwich meal with a Root Beer
Wendy's= Chicken Sandwich Meal with a Dr. Pepper
Rubio's= Fish Taco Meal with a Root Beer
In-N-Out= Hamburger Meal, Animal Style {nix the pickles} with a Root Beer
Panda Express= Orange Chicken with White Rice and a side of Chow Mein, Root Beer
El Charro= Skinny Bean Chimi with a side of diced tomatoes and a Shirley Temple
Pizza= Always cheese with a Coke
Filiberto's= Three rolled Tacos with Guacamole and a Root Beer
Sonic= BLT (Yum) with a Strawberry Cream Slush
Cheesecake Factory= Whatever I order I always get a Shirley Temple to drink
Hot Dogs= Must have Ketchup, Mustard & Relish with a Coke
PB & J= Milk!!! {Babe eats his with a Root Beer, Gag!}
Bannana= Wheat Thins and Water {Odd, I know}
Movie's= Popcorn, Coke and Peanut M&M's {Usually try to bring the M&M's from home}
Grandma's Spaghetti= An A&W Root Beer, that's what she always has so it seems right
Kyoto Bowl= Teriyaki Chicken Bowl with a Sprite
Pei Wei= Crispy Honey Chicken with White Rice and a Root Beer
Ice Cream= I always put milk in my bowl to make it more like a shake.  It's gets all icy!  Yum!

*When I drive I totally follow the lines on the road with my toes.  I jump in between them in a sense.  It drives me nuts, but I do it all the time!  It's so weird!
*I also count all the buttons on people's shirts.
*I count the frame's in my bedroom all the time, that's soooo annoying, cause there's 25 of them and I know this already but I still have to go through and count each one in my head.
*I outline words with my fingers as people are talking to me or when I'm listening to a talk or whatever.
*I am always bouncing my right leg.  
*I also run my tongue over my teeth all the time.
*I am usually clenching my jaw together, this is a real problem for my teeth.
*I like the feel of really cold things in the palm of my hand, i.e. keys, coins, tommy's fingers, my finger tips, necklaces, chains, anything small enough to get a good grip on and squeeze!

{I am realizing just how jacked I am!}

-I almost always have to go to the bathroom when I'm walking through an Antique Store or Home Goods.
-Whenever I don't have a lot of money but have the urge to buy something I go to the Dollar Store or an Antique store.
- Any time somethings happens to me now I think about how I will post about it on the blog.  Most, in fact, almost always it never turns into a post, but I still think about how it could be one.  If I had nothing better to do in my life, my blog would rock!

I'm sure there are many, many more of these silly things about me but my mind is starting to shut off.  



onehm said...

So fun~ but I do have to say that you aren't the only jacked one...I do some of the things that you mentioned there, so don't feel too badly!


LetterToKayleen said...

i totally do the lines on the road thing. it's kinda nutso.

i'm just baffled by the amount of frames you have in your bedroom. 25? really? that's pretty impresive.

Jen said...

Too funny....I couldn't do the food one anymore, because most of those places I haven't eaten at in over 3 years....I don't even remember what culture is! :) And the blog thing....yeah, me too! I would post like 10 times a day with all the things I think about blogging! I have LOTS of weird things about me too....

Heather said...

How fun! Camilla, that was me at the Biltmore with the Trash Ties. Same girl, same invention, same business, new packaging. Sounds like you've got yourself some vintage Trash Ties.

xo-Heather Bailey:)

Webb Family said...

Ok this was so fun to read! I totally put milk in my ice cream too. My kiddos are now doing it & my hubby thinks it's so weird. I also count buttons, tiles & once my kids started riding the bus.

Cicily said...

I guess I'll have to pay more attention to this stuff. I don't think I've given it much thought. You are too funny.

sarbear said...

yay! i'm so happy to read these! how good are shirley temples??? love 'em.

Andrea said...

You are SO NOT alone!! I have some weird ones too. I count steps (like stairs when I'm walking up or down them). Even when I know exactly how many there are, still do it. I type words w/ my fingers (in my hand) while talking or reading things. Crazy? I know it is (been doing it since I took my first typing class in 8th grade). Just can't seem to stop it.

Funny stuff here. Love getting to know you better! And it's also fun to know I'm not the only weirdo. tee hee :)

molly said...

This is too funny Cam, thanks for sharing your weirdness!

Crystal Star said...

Cami- OCD! Do you know it runs in the family? But wait you aren't really blood related. hmmmm... too funny!