Ready for all this?

Last week there was a lot going on, and for whatever reason I haven't blogged about it until now.  So sorry about the mass of pictures and memories but here it all goes...
Clark was staying with us last weekend while his parents were out of town, so on Friday night we invited a couple of the Dale boys to come and have a spend the night with him.  I could tell he was a little homesick and needed some friends to help keep his mind off of it.  When they all climbed into bed Tommy wanted to join the fun too.  He plopped himself right down in between those boys and pulled the covers up over him, like "Alright guys what's next?".
Toms was loving the swing at Granny & Papa's house.  I love his little toes sticking up here,
and here.
Last Saturday Afternoon my Mother-In-Law took most of the little kids to see the Hannah Montana Movie.  Toms & I joined them for a very exciting time!
The boys think Hannah Montana is cute!
He loves to copy Daddy!
Crashing on the couch
He loves making a mess...
"Who ME?"
Yeah, Spaghetti is always a favorite!
You may recognize this picture from the video.
Here are my boys all dressed and ready for church.
His new thing is banging his head against the floor when he's mad at me or when he's throwing a fit.  You can see how red his forehead is.  What a pill!

Wow, that was a lot of short posts all combined into one.  {Deep Breath}



Webb Family said...

Very fun & busy weekend! Love all the cute pictures, I love the one of Toms looking at the big boys. Priceless!

onehm said...

Looks like fun! Tommy needs to have a play date with Gigantor!! You need to stop by for lunch one of these days!!
Call me!