O.K., so this is hilarious!  Here is my brother-in-law, a guy who is a total crack up, very fun to be around , little goofy and totally entertaining!  That's just the beginning of it.  He has been featured HERE in a small but great contest.  I secretly could rig it but I won't cheat, if any of you would like to participate, go to town!  He is the UPS driver for the downtown Mesa area.  He gets to deliver all the fun packages to some of my favorite stores (i.e. Domestic Bliss, M & Co., Blossom Salon, Mystic Paper, Bella Fine, etc...).  Anyway, I just had to lift this picture off of the Mystic Paper blog and let everyone know how fun it is to have him as a brother-in-law.  

Another funny little story about him.  We used to play a game on everyone's birthday, telling the birthday person what we love most about them.  Anyway, ever year he says the same thing about me, that I'm Elegant & Sophisticated.  He's such a nerd, but we all laugh every time.  The first year it was a very nice compliment, now it's a funny running joke!  Love this guy, Thanks for all the fun memories and looking forward to many, many more!


Jennifer and Kim said...

You can see by the comments that our customers just love him! They always ask about him and want pictures of him on the blog!

DAN, LISSA, & CAM said...

What those customers don't know is that he looks even HOTTER in his tight, white, baseball pants!

LetterToKayleen said...

that's really funny.

domesticbliss said...

We LOVE Jeff! He is our favorite!!!
What a crack up!- Well you are elegant and sophisticated---!