It's been over a week...

that Toms has been sleeping in his own bed!  Yeah for me!  I just decided it needed to happen and it's been great!  The first night I sat in the room with him just quietly rocking in the chair while he cried for about 45 minutes.  He finally nodded off and I crept out of the room.  He woke up a few times in the night crying, but I just let him cry himself back to sleep, it was only about 10 minutes every time.  So each night I take him into the bedroom and lay him in his crib and sit in the chair for a bit until he falls asleep.  After about the second night of this he started to calm right down and go to sleep within only a few minutes.  It's so great!  One morning he didn't even wake up until 10 or so!  Whoo hoo!  I'm so happy that I have found the strength within me to let him go a little bit.  I am getting such a great nights rest, I can't even tell you!  He is becoming more independent from the whole thing as well.  The other morning after I dressed him and got him ready for the day he wanted to play in his room.  Usually he only wants to be in their if I am in there.  This time I put him down and he looked up at me and said "Bye!".  It was great!  I went into my bedroom to get myself ready and he stayed back and played with his toys.  
     He's such a sweetheart, I just love that boy!

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Jenni C. said...

Isn't there something so liberating about having a baby who sleeps in their own bed and sleeps through the night. Good for you!! It's not easy, but man is it worth it.