Russo & Steele Car Auction

This year we were able to take ONEHM & her DH to the car auction put on by my Aunt & Uncle. Unfortunately the Decrow's weren't able to make it, they were missed. It was a fun evening though walking around looking at all the 500 cars they had this year. It was freezing so we were able to bundle up and have lots of fun. It's a family affair for me. My grandparents are always there, sitting on the front row watching the auction block.
My Grandpa Messana always makes his famous cream puffs and canoles for the special guests. They are to die for if you ever get a chance to have one, consider yourself privileged. It was very sad though because by the time we got there he had run out of them for the evening. We were all a little disappointed.
Here I am on the front row with Kristy, Grandma Messana, ME, My Mom and Linda (one of the bidders wives & a close friend of the family). Linda and her husband have gobs of money and have offered their house in Monterey for us to come and vacation in. They are incredibly generous and perhaps this summer we may need to take them up on that.
Here's a picture of the auction block. We were sitting up in the bleachers watching the show. A very fun night filled with lots of exhaust and loud engines. Reggie Jackson was even in the crowd, he brought a car of his own to the show. Usually he shows his collections at Barrett Jackson but has made the switch to our side. Hee, Hee


onehm said...

We had a GREAT time! Thanks for having us...and we were bummed about the cream puffs, but we still had TONS of fun!

Anonymous said...

No mention of a particular brother that took time out of his crazy busy night to walk around with you? Boy will he be bummed when he reads your blog.

devid said...

i like your blog

john carry