More, More, More!

I love penguins!  Great dishtowels!
I just love this whole take on taxidermy!  Kitschy!
Check THIS stuff out!  I love seeing how many fun things are being made out there.
Amazingly cute!
Another inspiring Chandelier!
Just a cute 60's little girl!
Let's be serious!  Uhm, cuteness!

How fun is this option on etsy?  Love it!  Have fun finding your favorite colors!


Jen said...

All so cute....that headpiece is super adorable and I would love to be a person who could pull that off....I can see you doing it though and looking so fab and modern! All too cute!

onehm said...

So much fun! That chandelier is really incredible!!

(And I love the new topper!)
;o) {And to quote Bro. Batman, "That's what she said..."}