I've decided not to start my new blog topics until the first of the year.  So sorry to all those who are checking in to see if I've updated.  I've been busy, I am working on a crazy huge scrapbook for a friend for Christmas.  It's of her whole life, so it's taking me a little time.  Her Mom is giving it to her as a Christmas gift so I need to get it done.  Luckily I'm getting close.  Anyway, Every thing's going well, Toms love's watching Elmo in the morning and eating Cheerios, it gives me a little time to work on things.  I have also been working on some new Binky Clips, they are getting crazy cute and I'm trying to figure out a new use for them so I can sell them to more then just Mom's who have babies.  Any suggestions?  Let me know!  Hope everyone is getting all their shopping done, good luck and I'll be back again soon, promise!

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