Tag, I'm it!

So I've been tagged, there's a lot of that going on lately! Anyway, here we go, this is for you Mandy and Sarah (who tagged me a while back and I never got around to it!)
  1. I have never mopped my floors in my new house. It's always been a cleaning lady or Tyler. Pretty sad but I really hate doing it, as you can probably tell I'm not the domestic diva I let on to be.
  2. I love making invitations to whatever! Baby showers, birth announcements, party's, birthday's, wedding showers...you get the point. I have to admit that the best part about throwing a party is being able to create an invitation! I simply Love it! And would love to do it for you too!!!
  3. Even though I'm an Esthetician I am soooo bad at washing my face at night. EEEEK! I can't believe I am revealing that! Do as I say, not as I do! I've just gotten so lazy lately and really need to step it up, otherwise I fear it will get pretty bad someday soon. I've just been lucky to have good skin lately that doesn't require a lot of attention. However, I could really go for a peel! Kayleen? Maybe? I need you!
  4. I collect: Ribbons, Scrapbooking supplies (digital and physical), wrapping paper, W's, Magazine's, Coffee Table books, Fabric (even though I don't sew), Vintage Santa's, Coral, White Serving Piece's (platter's, bowl's, tray's...), Shoes, Purses...I hope you get the point.
  5. I only shower like 3 or 4 times a week. I just hate making time for it. It's such a long process with having to dry off and get your hair done and dress and make-up and cleaning up the mess afterwards. I now that's so gross to many people but I honestly never sweat so I think I still smell ok?!?! But honestly I usually don't care even though I know I should. Oh and I'll totally go out of the house without make-up on, woman who wear make-up on a regular basis for the most part would never be caught dead without it but I've come to a point in my life where I'd rather not make the effort on that and I'd rather put the effort into something else. Like sleeping perhaps! Really it all comes down to me being lazy! I'll admit it! I'm really lazy! That's a big part of the reason that I still have a ton of baby weight to loose. What are you gonna do?


sarbear said...

i LOATHE mopping. i will spot-clean till i die, but don't make me drag out a mop. amen sister.

lindsey said...

i am so with you on the showering thing. i will usually shower everyday but i only wash my hair every 5 and on the days that i don't wash my hair we are talking 5minute shower. and i usually don't wear make up unless i am going out with someone, i figure the stuff is expensive why waste to sit around at home.

Andrea said...

I hate mopping too! I use the swiffer wetjet on the bathroom tile floor, but i have to use a regular mop for the stained concrete floors (throughout our whole house). Ick! I don't wash my makeup off before I go to bed either. I used to wash my face all the time growing up and had zits no matter what. Now I only wash my face in the shower and have hardly any zits! It's crazy! I'm with you on the showers and makeup. I used to put makuep on to leave the house cuz my Mom told me to always look my best. Well, the last few years, i finally left the house w/o makeup and guess what? i didn't die. ha ha. So, i do that often. I hate the whole showering/getting ready process! So, i don't always shower every day either, and i only wash my hair a couple times a week. I'm glad i'm not the only one! LOL :)

Cicily said...

So I'm wondering how this works out with your sister. I read on her blog that she likes people to shower before she will get close. Has this been a conflict in your relationship? I agree on floors, I'm obsessed with clean and I still won't mop.