A little crust!

The following picture's are NOT for the weak of stomach! So brace yourselves!

So Wrong!
little man woke up the other morning with the nastiest, crustiest nose I've ever seen. We had to take a few pics. Poor little guy, I hate it when he's sick. But it's pretty funny blogging material.
He didn't seem to mind though!


sarbear said...

when i was single i was always appalled when kids had crusty noses. i wondered why the mom's couldn't control that better.

oh, silly, single me.

now i know that sometimes it's just easier to let it be crusty and avoid that screaming that ensues when i try to wipe it.

Andrea said...

poor little guy! hope he feels better! i can't stand kid snots! my kids love to wipe theirs w/ their shirts or hands! YUCK!!!