Halloween Circus of Horrors 2005

The Jensen's, Marlo and Caleb, The Talley's and The Lease's
Here are some picture's of all the decorations. We even went to the effort to put a tent up in the back yard. The theme this year was circus of horrors. There were some great costumes this year! Sorry the picture quality is so bad, they got ruined in the move to the new house last summer.The Laws, The Jon's, The Moore's, and I actually feel so bad but i can't remember their names.
Here's the Decrow's, wright's, Candland's, amy curtis and the jonses.
The Jesperson's, Kara's, Lundell's, Fowler's and Dh with onehm.
Kari and date, the Allen's, the Cooper's and the Stoddards


Bubbly Faces said...

I am so sad that I am going to miss your party this year... You amaze me how talented you really are. Love ya

Jill said...

I remember how blown away we were at this party! I have NEVER been to a more all-out party! Haunted house, tent, decorations everywhere... FANTASTIC. I hate to miss this year. If Brad gets back in town early enough, we plan to come by... but dont count on us for any food or anything. I hope it's worth all the headache... Sometimes hosting is the worst!