A bad day!

Today I'm in a crappy mood! Toms is sleeping so badly, he wakes up in the middle of the night crying for no reason other then he's not in my arms. Pill!
I'm also trying to get ready for this huge Halloween Party that Molly and I put on every year. For those of you who have been invited in the past, you know what a big deal it is. and for those of you who don't, well, sorry, but take my word it's big.
We put so much effort into it and have dinner and dessert as well as crazy extravagant decorations and there is always a fun theme that everyone has to dress up as. Anyway, it's great fun for those who come and those who don't, well this year it's a little more frustrating getting all the responces back and having so many people saying they can't make it, or really just don't want to make the effort (for some of them). I just want to say "People get a freakin babysitter and throw some tin foil on your head and get the heck over here on friday!" It's not that complicated. I have a few in mind who have just not made the effort for any of my party's recently and it's just very frustrating that after inviting them to three different parties within the past three months, they haven't come to a single one. And sure i realize that things come up and not everyone can make everything but come on. After three try's and not even one? It's very discerning that they aren't coming. I feel like i make an effort to come to all the different things that any one else invit's me to, ya know to show your support and make them feel like i care for them and i want to cultivate my friendship with them, so when people don't make the effort for the halloween party, it just sucks!

anyway, this is all part of the crappy day. for some reason i'm getting down about it even though i've known for a few days now. i guess it just hit home this afternoon. also, i saw online that my room wasn't picked in the domino contest. which honestly, what were the chances that i was going to be picked? it would have just been like a dream come true if it was. so that's always a bummer. also, i have so many things to still do around the house and so many people to call to see if they are going to make it to the party (because no one rsvp's on their own, lame). and assignments to make and errands to run and the centerpiece's to make la, la, ,la, la. and i realize that in the grand scheme of things this is so trivial and really doesn't matter, but still it's a lot of effort and planning and MONEY on my part so, whatever.

I just needed to vent and hhat a better place to do it then on the blog. This way only people who want to know about my life and my day will be the ones reading it, and i won't waste my time on all the others.

wow, that feel's a little better. anyway, hope your day is going better.


Jenni C. said...

I'm so sorry that your day stunk so bad. It is always better to take it out on your blog. I had a funky day yesterday also and I took it out on the Primary Presidency. Anyway, I sure wish we were there to go to your awesome party. I have always been so impressed with your creativity. I always tell people...."there's this girl in AZ, and she is amazing!" I hope today is going better for you and good luck with the party!!

MaMaMaMandy said...

Man- I know what you're going through...no sleep and too much to do! That sounds like my life and I don't even have kids! Well, we'll be there and I know Sarah is bummed she can't go- she knows how "FULL TIME" you are with parties! We'll take some great pictures and have lots of laughs and it will make those who can't plan for a sitter sad they didn't make the effort! You rock girlie!

amy said...

Mimi, if those people knew how much fun your parties are they wouldn't miss it for the world (except for me who will be out of town!) Don't be suprised if Dane makes it by for the food! Love you!

liz said...

reading this late and backwards.....sorry you had a bum day. anyone invited to these huge parties is lucky and you should enter THOSE in Domino mag, as well!

I am so impressed with your talent to pull themes and decorations and food together. you could go into business you are so good at it!