Here's Another Page!
This is really an east concept with the whole digital scrapping thing but it can also take hours to do just one page. I think it will get easier for me as I keep doing more but I really need to get my downloads organized to make it easier!

This picture was taken of Toms right after he was literally attacked by mosquito's! He was sitting outside in his high chair for all of 15 minutes and I noticed some red spots on his head. It turns out there were 11 red spots all over his body. Poor little guy. They got pretty big too!I love this pic! He was having so much fun playing with these little rattles! I tell ya, it doesn't get any cuter than this!
This is a pretty good shot of all the bites on his head. They got huge so I called my sister-in-law and she brought us some Benedryl and they calmed right down. My poor little guy. I guess we won't be going outside anymore.


Tangie Baxter said...

Oh great page! Love it. SO sad about the bites. Poor little guy! GOOD LUCK with your fair tomorrow! If it wasn't a 2.5 hour drive you know I'd be there!

mommyx5 said...

Poor guy!!!! Love the page:)

Kristy said...

It's because he's so sweet! (Notice how you didn't get any bites? he he he)

Crazymamaof6 said...

poor guy! cute page! you've a knack for the crafty stuff! fun to see ya today! your clips are so dang fabulous! makes me think i need a new baby so i can get some!