Birthday Celebration

It was Molly's Birthday last week so Tim surprised her and invited some of her friends to join them. That included us so here are some cute shot's from the evening.
Ben and Nor, so cute!
Ashley and Darrin, of course!
And the Jones', Lindsey and Spencer.
Molly blowing out the candles.
and then here we are. After dinner at Yummy Cafe Boa, we went to the apple store to watch Molly get a new computer. "Lucky" (said like Napoleon Dynamite).

Here we are waiting for them to get the computer, having fun playing on the computers on display.

Happy Birthday Molly, glad we could all join in the festivities!


mommyx5 said...

Happy Birthday celebrations w/friends are the best. Glad you had such a great time!!

Cicily said...

Looks like you had a great time. Happy Birthday Molly.

little jill said...

I'm crying great big drops of tears that I didn't get to go with you all. YOu know how I love celebrations and social events.

molly said...

Oh Cami... you have got to take off that horrible picture of me blowing out the candle! LOL
Thanks for such a fun night, I know Tim didn't plan that all on his own ;)

Ketsy said...

Hi you! It looks like you are having a fun summer and Little T is growing up! He is just adorable I want to pinch his cheeks. Didn't Tyler have a birthday last month too? Tell him Happy B-day. And I LOVE the pictures of your house. Even with stuff on the counters. :)
PS Tell Marlo hi from me!