New Cuteness & Some Oldies But Goodies

This is a picture of our bedroom, I already posted in in an earlier post but here it is again.
This is my new little nook in my kitchen. We are still going to buy a different desk but this will have to do for now. We tried painting it blue but it didn't really work. I wanted my computer out in the main living area so this was the best solution.
I bought this shoe rack to put in our laundry room so Tyler had somewhere to put his dirty shoes that he always leaves in there on the floor. Sorry about the trash, I really need to take that out!
This is the other side of my laundry room. I love, love, love my wallpaper!
This is in our hallway, I bought more wall decals (I just love how cute and easy it is to dress a wall up) at ikea and here you go! Such Cuteness!
Our fireplace before the remodel in our new home.
After, not bad for amateurs! We still need to finish the bottom half on the floor but ran out of tile. Someday we'll get motivated again!
This is a before shot of our kitchen looking in from the family room.
and here it is after. I apologize for not cleaning the counters off before taking the picture, but you get the idea.
These are pictures of our old house. This was my laundry room.
Cracks me up that I didn't even clear off the top of the dryer before taking a picture, I guess I do that a lot. I really had so much fun decorating this old house. Can ya tell? If you look close you can see a picture of Baby Gigantor from his birth announcement near my calendar.
My Anthro Bedding! Loved it!

This was our old bedroom, a little too girly for Tyler. But I loved it! I got my bedding at Anthropologie and the crystal lights hanging you can buy at Nordstrom during the holidays. Love it! Now this has turned into my guest room furniture! Fancy a stay?
Letters from Anthropologie. Of course!

I kind-off have a thing for clocks, lots of ticking that actually was really annoying!
This was our kitchen for all of like three months in our last house. As soon as we were finished remodeling it Tyler put the house up for sale. Sneaky guy! Anyway, I loved my blue cabinets from Ikea! They don't even offer them any more. It really was a fun kitchen. I kind off miss it!
Here is a picture of my very first kitchen, I loved it! It was extremely busy but so cute! Again let's remember that I don't cook! It's all for show!


mommyx5 said...

You are so creative ,Love your ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffany Hunt said...
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Tiffany Hunt said...

Hi, I came across your blog, and I have to say I love your style. It is so creative and sassy. It looks like it all should be in a magazine. Love it.

Webb Family said...

Thanks for sharing! You are very talented you should decorate for people. I love all your fun clocks- I love clocks too!

Lindsey said...

wow!! you have got great taste and you are definitely not afraid of color!! i love every room!

Dave's Wife said...

You know I loved that old house of yours! And the new one is fantastic!

little jill said...

Great seeing your old stuff and the new--you need to come see my paint colors. I want to do something funky with one of my bookshelves and you are just the person to help. Molly and Tangie came over and helped with paint colors. As for any of you that don't know Cami and are loving her kitchen--they are the cutest things ever. And also she doesn't cook much, thus why she doesn't need much counter space. I wanted to have a kitchen like hers and a pantry like hers (note to cami, post your pantry), but it doesn't look that cute when it's full of Wheat thins, pasta and goldfish.

Crazymamaof6 said...

love love all of your cute stuff especially your kitchens! they are all fabulous! and love your old bedroom! i love the girly stuff! so freaking cute!

Kristy said...

I miss your old house! I totally forgot how much I loved it, and it wasn't even mine. Luckily your new house is equally as fabulous.

onehm said...

How am I such a dork, and didn't even see this post until now??
FAB-U-LOUS, is all I can say!