A Wet Fourth of July!

We were all there. The whole gang. My cousin Stephy and her daughter bella even joined us. (They aren't pictured.)
We spent this fourth of July with my family up at my aunt's house on camelback mountain. She has a negative edge pool that overlooks the whole valley. It's so fun to watch the sun go down and all the lights come on. We had a great time, here are a few of my favorite pics.
You can get a picture of how the negative edge works. I love buffy looking over the side at what's down at the bottom. Not much just a lot of rocks and desert landscaping.
This is Toms Bitter Beer face, well kind off. He does a much better version of it but we can never get it captured on film.

I can't seem to kiss him enough!
We put the kids goggles on him. He actually left them on for a while. What a chunk!Here were the marks left behind.
Look at the gut! He's only in the 8o% for his weight and 90% for his hight. The kicker is he is only 30% for his head. Where did that come from? His head seems hugh!
My boys, life doesn't get much better then this!


Jenni C. said...

Looks like fun! What a great pool. It seems weird that I haven't seen any of you guys for almost two years. Man, time flys! Hopefully I can get down there one of these days.

Jenni C. said...

I meant "flies" :)

Jen said...

Glad you had a great time! That pool rocks! I am so jealous! Super cute pictures!!!

Kristy said...

So fun, I was so glad you guys were there!