The Office

I have to make a shout out to the Office. Lately in the evenings when the kiddos go to bed Tyler and I go over to our friends house to watch reruns of the office that they downloaded from itunes. Can I just say that show rocks! We laugh so hard it hurts! That Big D for having such a great Home Theater for our watching pleasure. It's a great show. If you haven't started watching make it a priority!
Sometime's it's hard to watch cause the boss (Micheal Scott) is sooo bad! Very un P.C., saying everything that totally makes you cringe. But that's is also what makes it so funny. The rest of the office workers are also great. Classic T.V. people!

How bad do you feel for Tobey? It's so sad but a little funny at the same time!
Dwight? What can you say about Dwight? He really makes the show!
Stanley is one of my favorites! The faces he makes are great and pretzel day was the best!Poor Phillis! At least she has Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration!
Halpert? Admit it, we all have a little crush on him.

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