The Early Years

I had about 15 rolls of film that I had never developed from back when I didn't have the digital camera. Anyway, here are some of the best picks from all the hundreds of photos I had to choose from. Look at how little the kids are. I love it! Tyler had some really cute shots too! I used to take so many more pictures of me, I need to start doing that again.

  1. Cooper and Mimi
  2. Tyler and I at my Cousin's Wedding
  3. New Years Party w/ Cooper
  4. Tyler and I in Vegas (Notice the Burberry Shirt on Tyler, He just had to have it, he found it on ebay I think)
  5. Us in Cali @ Joe's Crab Shack
  6. Tyler and Seth Man at Ali & Jarrid's Wedding
  7. Pic of Tyler at Disneyland (We were bored, taking a rest)
  8. Tyler Favorite Car EVER! Chevy Silverado that he had all customized and it was an alt fuel car. This is right before we sold it. We made enough money on it to buy put a down payment on our first home.
  9. Tyler and Cooper on Halloween
  10. Us another year at Joe's Crab Shack in California
  11. Disneyland (Photo op that everyone takes)
  12. Cali
  13. Cali
  14. Cali
  15. Christmas time in his grandparents tree in their front yard
  16. Filling up the car with gas on our way to Tucson for my Cousin Evelyn and Mark's Wedding
  17. Tyler and I at another cousin's Wedding, this time it was Mark and Michelle.


little jill said...

Looking good! Is Tyler's hair a bit lighter?? Cracks me up. Anyhow, isn't it fun to look at our dating and early marriage pics--I wish I still put that much effort in, but you know . . .kids and stuff.

Lindsey said...

So cute!! I have a ton of rolls lying around that I need to develop.

Jen said...

what fun memories! thanks for sharing!

LetterToKayleen said...

how fun. i totally have 3 rolls of film still sitting in one of my purses from when spencer and i were first married. don't know if they'll ever get developed.

onehm said...

Fun! Love all the pics of you guys, pre-Toms!
We had a blast last night! ;)

Broc said...

I love all the pictures. I am trying to remember the last time I developed a roll of film... You and Tyler are super cute and just my favorite. Let's do dinner sometime!

ketsy said...

Cami! I just realized I posted the comment under Broc's ID. I am just dying laughing. You probably would have figured out that while Broc thinks you and Tyler are super cute, he probably wouldn't take the time to write it on your blog. hahahahaha!!
Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

WOWZZA!!! What a hot momma you are!!! See you tomorrow night!