Toms is reaching!

He is growing up way too fast! He started reaching for things the past few days. Here he is reaching for the camera. But tonight at a shower I went to someone he didn't know was holding him and he fell asleep on her chest. When he woke up he was a little startled and as soon as he saw me he saw me he totally started reaching for me. It was the first time he actually reached for a person, it was sooo cute! I can't believe he is already 8 months old! Today! What a sweetheart!


Kristy said...

I bet he reaches for me before yea-yea!

Jen said...

Whenever they do something new I think to myself, this is my favorite stage, and then they do something even more adorable and make me think that is my new favorite stage. Aren't they just so fun to watch grow and change. Mommyhood is the best! :)

onehm said...

So cute. I love when Baby R does that too.