Layers Clothing Virtual Party

Summer’s almost here,
let’s get ourselves ready with a virtual “layers” clothing party!

I’m hosting a virtual party, it’s starts now and will last until may 14 around noon. If you need to see some of the clothing up close I will have a few key pieces here at my house and would love to have you over to check them out! Otherwise, here’s what you do!

Go on-line to layersclothing.com, write down the ones you want with the style name, size & your color choice. E-mail your order to bridget@layersstylist.com she’ll then contact you with all the payment info. It’s as easy as that!

Have fun shopping!


onehm said...

Call me when you have the "key pieces" and I'll pop over...

Jill said...

I've been eyeing their swim suits... Any idea how they fit? Have any to try on?