Vegas, Baby!

I was lucky enough to go on a short girl's weekend to Vegas last weekend. Thank you Tyler, I LOVE you! Anyway, we left on Thursday and stayed til' Saturday afternoon. This is a picture of the room we stayed in. Marlo started to walk into the picture. We stayed at the Flamingo which is one of the older hotels but they have been renovating their rooms so we loved it! the rooms were so cute! very modern/contemporary and very girly with lots of pink! it was way fun!
Don't mind the mess, but i needed to get a view of the flat screen. Good times!
Here we are at dinner the first night. We ate at the Bellagio's Jasmine restaurant. It was beautiful but the food was mediocre at best. Way too expensive not to have absolutely loved it! anyway, it was a fun experience! Marilyn, Marlo, Hope, Me, Jill & Peggy (Tracy is taking the picture, she is a friend of jill's who lives in Vegas so she joined us for all the fun shows).
Sexy Trojans @ Cesar's Palace! We had to take a picture (I guess it's just one of those things that you do).
Marlo & I went into FAO Schwartz in the forum shops @ Cesar's and I bought toms a bunch of Building blocks. We were able to pick our own colors and fill a huge bag for only $15.oo. We had so much fun packing them all into the bag. I bought White, Blue, Orange & Pink. Yes, that's right. Pink.
Here we are in the gardens @ the Bellagio. Cheese! We were waiting to go to see Love by the Cirque Du Soleil. Which was amazing! It's all the Beatles music set to a show by the Cirque peeps. In another life I would seriously be one of their dancers! I love what they can do and wish I could fly through the air attached to all those ropes. How fun would that be? Seriously?
On Friday My Father in Law and brother in law came to Vegas to see the shows with us. Here we all are hanging out, walking down to see the fountain show in front of the bellagio. Tom, Marilyn, Marlo, Me, Jill, Kenney, Tracy & Greg.
This was just a really cool looking wall in a restaurant we walked by. You can't really see it but I bet those people loved getting their picture taken.
Anyway, Friday evening we went and saw Danny Gans @ the Mirage. He is an impersonator and was very entertaining! All in all we had a great time and i can't wait to go again. I'm hope my next trip will be with Tyler. He is such a good sport letting me go without him. He got some great daddy/son time. I even came home to a clean house. Thanks again, babe! Love ya!


Kristy said...

So sad I missed it! Looks like you got some new outfits for the trip. Lucky!

onehm said...

Man, wish I could have gone too! I probably would haev gone thru baby R withdrawls...