Toms Photo Shoot

Here are some great pictures that my good friend Ashley took of us. It was Toms first Photo shoot & he was being so good! These are a few of my favorites.
Do I look like the red head in Wilson Phillips in this one? My sister thinks I do. But I don't see it.

I LOVE the placement of his little fingers in this one, he is almost always playing with his hands.
I had just gotten a hair cut a few days before. I took the plunge and cut bangs! So far I am enjoying them.
Love the look on his face here. Those hands are always in his mouth. I love it!

Check out the hairy back. It looks like he is saying "Hey no more pictures! Get out of here!"

U Love the fat little bum! U
"You got a problem with that?"

It was so much fun! Thank you, Thank you Ashley for being such a great friend! Now we need to get Tyler to take some with us for a family picture! Someday!b


Bear said...

T hide your shame!!! Man that kid has a hariy back. Cam you hair looks great i like the ne Cami look.

Jen said...

So cute! I love that little boys eyes--they are so amazing! I love your hair too--almost didn't recognize you! Great look and the pictures are gorgeous! Love the last one--and the bum ones--they are always my favs on fat little bums like his!

onehm said...

Man these are great pics, that Ashley must be an awesome photographer! ;)

Of course, it's easy when you've got this cute of a baby!

ZB said...

Ya, that Ashley must be something (friend of Ashley speaking)...Just thought I would say how darling you and your little man are. And that photographer DID capture some amazing moments.

liz said...

i love that last one! totally a ham, so cute.

Kristy said...

Way too cute, and you look fabulous as usual!

Lindsey said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! Your guy is adorable. And you look fabulous.

PS: Where did you get your return address stamp?

Jill said...

LOVE the bangs and all the pics. Good stuff!

The Blakes said...

Fantastic pictures! He is sooo handsome. I love his eyelashes. (my son doesn't have any yet)

Evan and Cara Fish said...

Cute! She did such a good job - Toms is adorable, and your comments made me chuckle. :)