Tommy's First Scratch

It is up in the corner of his Left eyelid.

You can barely see it, i don't have the best camera, but it is so sad! he woke up yesterday morning (er afternoon) & it was there. the odd thing was that i thought his arms were still in his blanket burrito. so who knows. oh well that's life!

P.S. everyone with little ones may hate me but i need to brag. Toms went to sleep on Sunday night @ 10:30 and woke up for the first time @ 7:15am. he then ate & went back to sleep until 11. nice! My sister is going to hate me for that. sorry ya'll i have a great baby.


Kristy said...

The bottom picture is the absolute cutest yet! I love that boy, I had so much fun yesterday. Wish you didn't live so far away, actually I just wish gas was cheaper, than it wouldn't bug me to drive out so much!

nomromamai said...

He sleeps so well because he is little uncle stevie. He knows he will need the rest in the future.

molly said...

Love the new look on the blog. Toms looks uber cute in these pics... But, can we not talk about his sleep habbits? Yaaa, thanks. ;)

Brooke said...

Oh your baby is so cute! And, you are one lucky girl to have such a wonderful sleeper!
I found you on Ashley's blog!

onehm said...

You DO have a great baby...And I have to agree with Kristy, that last pic is A-dorable!
Glad the Baby Batman and Baby R get to be buds!